Little Stream Software Projects Shutdown

As of February 14, 2013 I have shutdown my open source ChiliProject server. I haven’t had the time or energy to support the 100+ open source Redmine/ChiliProject plugins I’ve created over the years. While many of them still work (and I use about a dozen of them myself), I don’t see myself getting anymore time to bring them back to life.

So I’d consider all of my Redmine/ChiliProject plugins to be unmaintained. That also means it doesn’t make sense to host a bug tracker for them anymore, especially since it has an associated monetary and time cost (e.g. patches, OS updates, spam control).

What you can do

I have a database backup and have also exported all of the open bugs and feature requests and have made them available for each plugin below. If you have a bug with a plugin that you’d like to fix, check the exports to see if someone has posted about the bug or a possible fix. I know there are a few forks of the plugins on Github with bug fixes.

New maintainers

I’m willing to pass on maintainer-ship to someone else who is able to keep the plugin maintained for Redmine and ChiliProject. If you’d like to take over, contact me and put OSS plugin takeover in the subject (that way I know it’s not a paid project email).

Thanks in advance for understanding. I’m sorry I’ve been absent and haven’t communicated much with the community in the past year.

Eric Davis
Little Stream Software

Exports (JSON)