Repeat Customer Insights: Customer analysis for CPG Shopify stores

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Metrics and growth advice made clear using customer behavior analysis for Consumer Packaged Goods

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Do you know who your most loyal and valuable customers are?

If you did, then you could focus on them to grow your revenue and save on customer acquisition.

Well, you can, with Repeat Customer Insights.

This Shopify app will analyze your customer data and equip you with reports on what your most loyal and valuable customers do.

More than just a number-cruncher, it will give you clear and actionable advice on how to keep your existing customers loyal and how to turn more of your one-off customers into loyal, repeat customers.

No more guessing what to do with your customer metrics.

Customer Analyses and advice to find and keep your loyal customers

Example of the customer reports included in Repeat Customer Insights

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★★★★★ As our store has grown over the past 2 years of using Shopify, we've needed something that shows us exactly what our customers are doing. The data is there but to have an app quickly show us the results with the ability to dig deeper, has been a game changer.

This was where Repeat Customer Insights has been invaluable. It drives new ideas of how to reach the customer who hasn't purchased in awhile, or the new customer who just made a large purchase. The communication to each must be different.

I also appreciate the daily tips that come in my inbox. I don't have time to implement every single one but I have Eric Davis' folder marked as my to-do, because each little tweak and observation on the back end helps us grow.

Finally, customer support with this app is fabulous. I appreciate when app developers have suggestions for store owners that are revealed by the data. -- MadeOn Skin Care

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Learn about your loyal customers with Repeat Customer Insights

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