Shopify Pricing Calculator

You can use this calculator to figure out how much your Shopify bill would be for the different plans and to see when it would make sense to upgrade.

Using the number of orders per month, your monthly revenue, and any external gateway fees this will calculate the estimated monthly cost for the various Shopify plans.

Since Shopify has multiple rate structures it can become difficult to know which plan makes the most financial sense for you.

You could be paying too much for Shopify and actually lower your bill by upgrading.

How to use the calculator

The calculator needs to know the number of orders your store has per month on average and its monthly revenue. Also if you use a external gateway, you'll need to enter the fees associated with that.

The calculator will automatically apply the various Shopify fees you could expect on each plan and gives you a total estimated cost. It'll also highlight the lowest cost plan

Data privacy note: The data you enter into this form is not stored or sent anywhere. It remains 100% in your browser. I have no desire or need to know how much your store makes or anything else about it.

Should you always pick the lowest cost plan?

Financially-speaking only, the lowest cost plan is the one you should pick.

But in reality, you need to compare the different costs.

Higher end Shopify plans also come with additional features. Sometimes those features will be worth the additional cost over the least expensive plan.

Use the calculator's best cost option as a recommendation to start your decision making, but consider what else you could get with the various plans. If it's only $20 more to unlock a bunch of useful features, it might be worthwhile to upgrade.

App costs

The calculator doesn't take into account the cost of apps. They vary wildly so you'll want to count them separately.

One thing I'll mention, some apps charge based on your Shopify plan. That means if you upgrade your Shopify account, you might end up paying more for the app too.

Shopify Plus accounts

Shopify also offers their Plus accounts which start at $2,000 per month, base price. These are the enterprise-level accounts that come with a host of benefits that aren't includes in the regular Shopify accounts.

Because of their customized pricing this calculator can't account for them but if you're spending near that level on a regular Shopify plan, you might want to consider upgrading to Plus.

Just contact me and I'll put you in touch with the Shopify Plus team.

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Would you like a daily tip about Shopify?

Each tip includes a way to improve your store: customer analysis, analytics, customer acquisition, CRO... plus plenty of puns and amazing alliterations.