Adding another layer of guidance for your Shopify repeat customer metrics

With all of the data and reports included in Repeat Customer Insights now, it can become difficult to know where to get started.

Once you know which report includes what, it's easy to get back to it but if the dozen or so reports are new to you it's easy to get lost.

That's why I released the new Guidance page.

This page will list common store objectives (e.g. find my best customers and how much they are ordering and spending) and recommend which reports would have that analysis as well as which metrics to look at.

I've launched with 13 guidances but I'll be adding more over time as new reports and recommendations are added.

The Guidance page is available to every customer, though specific reports may be limited depending on your account (you can always upgrade at any time).

And if you're not a customer, it's easy to get started. Install Repeat Customer Insights and it'll start to analyze your data automatically.

Eric Davis

Promote products that create your best customers

When it's time to run a promotion, how do you pick the products to feature? Best sellers are okay but wouldn't it better to promote the products that crate the best customers? Repeat Customer Insights will analyze your product and buyer behavior to show which products and variants lead to the highest quality customers.

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