Schedule anniversary campaigns for a regular revenue bump

An anniversary campaign is a relatively easy personalized marketing campaign you can send to customers.

This is typically a single email that is sent out on the annual anniversary of a customer's first order. It should show gratitude for the customer buying from your store, an offer to come back again, and often an incentive (discount, gift, etc).

Implementation-wise they can be easy if your email service provider can read the first order date from Shopify.

But there's an easier way if you use a cohort tool that uses monthly cohorts like Repeat Customer Insights.

Then you set each customer's anniversary to the month they ordered. That gives you 12 campaigns every year and all you have to do is assign new customers to each one.

Done right, you might see a regular bump in sales at the same time every month as they run.

Eric Davis

Retain the best customers and leave the worst for your competitors to steal

If you're having problems with customers not coming back or defecting to competitors, Repeat Customer Insights might help uncover why that's happening.
Using its analyses you can figure out how to better target the good customers and let the bad ones go elsewhere.

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