Let a computer do the boring analysis

My kiddo plays a game where you have to guess the five-letter word of the day called Wordle. You have six guesses to get it right.

Yesterday she saw the dictionary on the bookshelf and asked if it would be cheating if she used that to look for every five-letter word. We then had a conversation where it might not be cheating, but it would be incredibly difficult and time-consuming. The sheer number of words and organization of the dictionary make it impractical to use. Then you still only have six guesses so you can't just pick every word.

That then lead us into a tangent talking how a computer program could analyze the words and help find the correct answer. For a computer, searching through thousands of words to find ones that match is easy and quick. Especially if the computer is just making suggestions and the player still makes the final decisions.

That would be cheating though. For no real gain.

(It could be a fun programming exercise though).

Searching through large amounts of data to find patterns are one of the tasks that computers are great at.

It would make for a boring day if you had to look at every customer order and classify each customer into a loyal, new, or neutral bucket. You'd also make a ton of mistakes or judgment errors throughout the process. Plus, you'd have to do it again tomorrow because more orders came in.

For a computer though, that's something that can take minutes with no mistakes or judgment involved (assuming the code is correct).

Relying on computers to help sort though the data can save time and remove mistakes when it comes to analyzing customers. That's what allows Repeat Customer Insights to process millions of customers and orders as part of it's analyses.

Unlike using a computer to find words in the game, this isn't cheating. It's using a tool to make better decisions and save time.

Eric Davis

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