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Ah Valentine's Day, one of the starting retail holidays of the new year.

For some stores, it's a big one too. Easily in the top five sales-wise outside the winter holidays.

It's probably too late to plan a big campaign around it this year if you haven't started yet.

Though it never hurts to send out an email or two with a simple sale.

What you could do though is start to scour competitors, social media, and your own email inbox to see what deals and angles other stores are using.

Save these up in a folder on your computer and come January next year, you'll have plenty of ideas for doing your own campaign.

(This works for every holiday and every event too. Copywriters call it their swipe file)

Just remember to only use these as inspiration. Don't copy or steal.

Besides, it's fun to improve on what they did.

You can also use your store's prior history to get ideas about other significant holidays.

Using Repeat Customer Insights Cohort Report you'll see which months were big months and if those customers ended up being long-term, repeat customers.

Just install the app from the App Store and it'll automatically create your Cohort Reports for you. No SQL or database spelunking required.

Eric Davis

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