Cohort Insights released: automatically detect poor cohort performance

I'm happy to be able to release the latest feature for Repeat Customer Insights:

Cohort Insights

"Cohort Insights example"

With Cohort Insights, your cohort data is automatically analyzed and compared against 17 different checks to evaluate how each and every cohort performs. This means you'll be able to see drops in performance automatically in a cohort.

For example, you might learn that December 2023's cohort has less customers than December of 2022 and their Average Order Value is lower than your overall store AOV.

I'll be pairing each insight with details and advice around how you can improve in each area, but I wanted to get the evaluation portion out early so you can benefit from the checks right away.

More insights will be added throughout the year. While creating the Cohort Insights I identified many more that I can add. Some will be added to the Store Analysis and Order Sequencing Analysis as well.

Cohort Insights are available to every store with the Cohort feature in the app. You can find them on each Cohort details page.

If you don't have Repeat Customer Insights added to your Shopify store yet, it's an easy setup and will automatically import your Shopify data for you.

You can also check out the demo which has plenty of Cohorts and Cohort insights to try out.

Eric Davis

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