Cohort Reports now include all historic customer purchasing behavior

When I first built the Cohort Report for Repeat Customer Insights, I was limited by the amount of data I could show. Due to Shopify's design for embedded apps, large pages would get chopped off and become messy.

Since moving the app outside of Shopify's admin area, I've been able to update the design and open up a lot of room for the reports.

One of which is the amount of data the Cohort Report includes.

Previously it was limited to the first 24 months of behavior data for each cohort (e.g. October 2015's cohort would show behavior through October 2017). Anything beyond that wouldn't be displayed.

With the latest update, Growth accounts now include all purchasing behavior for each cohort.

That means it's possible to see how very-long term customers are behaving and buying (or not buying).

All Growth accounts have been updated automatically. If you don't have one, you can signup or upgrade and the app will start to analyze your customer data.

Eric Davis

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