Released: compare how your customer segments have changed over time

I'm happy to announce a new Customer Grid analysis for Repeat Customer Insights.

Compare Historic Customer Grids

Customer Grid compared

A few months back I released the first part of this with the Customer Grid History. That allows you to look back on how your customers were segmented historically in each of the various Customer Grid segments.

This new feature extends that further and lets you compare how those segments have changed over time. It'll show growth/losses in each segment, both customer counts and on a percentage basis (to account for overall growth).

This will make it clear how customers are flowing between segments over time and how your store might be improving (or decaying) its customer base.

Each month while your account is active on the Entrepreneur or Growth plans, a new snapshot of the Customer Grid History will be saved and available to compare.

If you don't have Repeat Customer Insights yet or are on the Hobby plan, it's easy to signup or upgrade. Just visit the app, select the Entrepreneur or Growth plans, and it'll import your data and get it ready to snapshot on the 1st of the month.

Eric Davis

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