Customer Segmenting to know which customers are the best customers

The Customer Segmenting in Repeat Customer Insights ties together various segmenting models into one place:

Customer analysis

Each customer is listed with their various analyses:

Automatic, Cohort, Focus, and RFM Segmenting

The Customer Segmenting can be filtered to show only a segment of customers at a time too.

Clicking any of the Automatic Segment names will show customers who belong to that segment, along with a description of the segments and advice on how to reach those customers.

When coming from the Cohort reports, the customer list can show customers who belong to that cohort.

The various Focus Pages also have custom segments they use to show e.g. which new customers are likely to reorder soon, above-average customers, etc.

Custom filters for the individual RFM scores can be used to further refine any segment. These act as limiters like e.g. customers with a Recency of 5, Recency of 4, or Recency of 3.

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