Repeat Customer Insights demo

Repeat Customer Insights now includes a demo in addition to its free trial.

This demo is the same as the actual app and includes full access to the reports. The data is fake data I created to mimic an ecommerce store. The only limitation are that some account related pages and the data export are disabled.

With this demo you can try the app before installing or as a way to see what's included in the higher account levels. If you ever wanted to see what I'm talking about in my writing, now you can. (I'll be referencing the demo's data in my writing from now on as examples)

There's no registration required so no pushy sales process or "Call me" required to try it out. Just a checkbox and a button to get started.

My hope is that you can use this to get a full view of what Repeat Customer Insights can offer Shopify stores.

Eric Davis

Track down which customer cohorts perform the best

Different groups of people behave differently. Repeat Customer Insights creates cohort groups for you automatically to see how your customers change over time and spot new behavior trends.

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