Don't fear the email

I was looking around my email marketing provider today and saw some crazy metrics.

They are vanity metrics and not important enough to share (opens, clicks, total sent) but it got me thinking about the "email is dead" meme.

Dollar-for-dollar and hour-by-hour, email marketing is the best deal out there for just about every Shopify store.

If anything, stores aren't emailing customers enough.

Sure, don't blast irrelevant emails.

Or send emails to people who never bought or subscribed.

And avoid all the other scummy stuff.

But legitimate, helpful, focused emails that try to improve your customer's life?

Those emails should be sent every chance you get.

It's become easy for me to email but that's because I worked at it over and over and over.

Anyone can do it.

The barriers are low and the skills grow as you use them.

I probably have a few tips I can share if I sit down and think about it.

But the biggest one is to don't be afraid of sending an email.

Give it a purpose, have a call-to-action (even a simple one), and send it to your subscribers who have asked for it.

Get over that hurdle and the rest is just optimization.

Then you can get more fancy and send to specific segments like buyers, non-buyers, loyal customers, etc. Repeat Customer Insights can help figure out who those are too, its Automatic Segmenting is... well, automatic.

Eric Davis

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