Earning repeat customers when you only sell a single product in your Shopify store

Getting repeat customers is a goal of many businesses, but what if you only sell one product? What if that product is durable enough to last for years?

Even if you only have a single product and the quality is high, some customers still might purchase multiple times.

They might want to leave them in different spots (home, work, with friends).

They might want to gift them to other people.

They might want to upgrade to a newer version or just have a unused one.

Or they might lose it, especially if you're product is small. It's surprising how often things get lost or misplaced.

Even with a product that has a useful life measured in years, your customers still might buy them more frequently.

That's where knowing your actual customer purchasing behavior can be so powerful.

If you haven't installed Repeat Customer Insights yet, it's a simple process to get a detailed look at your customer behavior.

I just added a way to export the analyzed customers to a file so you can even import it into other systems (e.g. Facebook for a custom audience, Excel for some deeper segmentation)

Eric Davis

How do your products determine customer behavior

In Repeat Customer Insights the Customer First Product analysis will measure customer behavior based on the products each customer first ordered.

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