Educating new customers by sending a mini-booklet with each order

In my garlic order this year the farmer sent a small booklet.

It's under 16 pages but beautifully designed. Hand drawn art, thick cardstock paper, with silver ink on black for the cover.

Inside are descriptions and histories of all of the garlic families, information on how to grow and cook them, and some details about the farm. All of which is on the website but not in a pretty book.

This is a great thing ecommerce stores can send customers. It's educational content that is of such a high-quality that customers will save and reference it multiple times. Especially if the information is reinforced in a New Customer Welcome campaign over email.

These techniques are what the best stores uses to boost their sales from repeat customers. They are also hard to competitors to steal or mimic.

Something like this should be a part of your marketing system for converting a new customer into a repeat customer. Measuring that transition is easy for Repeat Customer Insights and its Order Sequencing Report.

Eric Davis

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Retain the best customers and leave the worst for your competitors to steal

If you're having problems with customers not coming back or defecting to competitors, Repeat Customer Insights might help uncover why that's happening.
Using its analyses you can figure out how to better target the good customers and let the bad ones go elsewhere.

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