When even tiny changes are worth the investment

This past weekend I've started to pack up our things to move.

We're only moving about a block from where we live now, but the new house will be better for us in a lot of different ways.

Some of those ways sound almost trivial: a garbage disposal in the kitchen, a ceiling fan, a covered porch instead of an open one.

My wife even commented that it seems silly to put in the time and effort to move such a short distance but I disagree.

If we like the new place more than the current house, and the improvements are fixing actual problems we've had, then the short-term cost of packing and moving becomes negligible.

Just the garbage disposal alone is going to save at least 2 units of stress for me daily.

I will admit, it does seem silly to rent a moving truck to only move a block but we'd have to cross a major road. I'm not interested in playing a real-life game of Frogger 100 times with such a high risk of personal injury if I'm too slow or tired.

Have you been delaying doing something because it feels like only a tiny improvement or silly to put the time in? Might you have overlooked how the potential gains can accumulate over the next 12 months or years?

One great optimization is to make sure your product's structured data is setup correctly for Google's Rich Snippets. With those you'll get more traffic and better converting traffic.

You can either audit your store's structured data by hand or install JSON-LD for SEO and have all the structured data you need.

It's already helping over a thousand Shopify stores with their structured data and it could help you too.

Eric Davis

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Would you like a daily tip about Shopify?

Each tip includes a way to improve your store: customer analysis, analytics, customer acquisition, CRO... plus plenty of puns and amazing alliterations.