Stop losing potential repeat customers after their first purchase

Even if you've had a slow year so far, there's still a lot of opportunities to turn it around over the next months.

One big hole I see in a lot of Shopify stores is how they treat their newly purchased customers.

Many stores rely on Shopify's confirmation emails and then will either dump the customer in their general email list or do nothing with the customer at all.

Huge lost opportunity for building a loyal, repeat customer.

Instead new customers should go to a specific email campaign. I call this the New Customer Welcome campaign but there are several names for it. I've written a lot about them if you want to read more.

Try to build one of them first. They are easier than you think and even a little effort and thought can have a surprising impact on your repeat customer rates.

If you can't do that, then you should try some sort of post-purchase contact. A manual email after the package has been delivered is best. A phone call can be just as good (but might not work in all industries). A handwritten card mailed out separately is also okay.

Basically show you're human and your store isn't one of those huge chains that everyone hates shopping at.

If you'd like more advice on what to do and how to get your new customers coming back, the 1-to-2 Focus Report in Repeat Customer Insights can help. It analyzes your customers, looks at how they behave, and then gives you metrics and advice for your specific situation.

Eric Davis

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