Give each customer segment a purpose

One way to approach customer segments is to define your segments and then give each one a purpose.

First create a segment of customers based on some common behavior behavior.

Then reflect and think about their behavior by putting yourself in their place. What do they want? What do you want from them? How can you help them?

Finally, create a campaign to target those customers and track how their behavior changes towards your goals.

In Repeat Customer Insights, this process becomes easier. Instead of coming up with the segments yourself, you can use the Customer Grid to find 30 pre-made ones.

Each of those segments includes the advice on how to reach them that you can quickly read to see if you'd be excited to build a campaign for that group (some of them like the Defected segments are harder to reach and the advice recommends starting with easier ones).

Then you can work on creating a campaign using that advice. This part will still be hard, but it'll be easier with the support of the data and advice.

Rinse and repeat this for all of the major segments (or just the top 3) and you'll be well on your way.

If you haven't installed Repeat Customer Insights yet, you might be surprised at how much customer behavior it can detect automatically for you.

Eric Davis

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