Half your products sell less than the average

"Half your products sell less than the average"

I saw a passage like this while reading a business book.

It's a simple statement with simple math behind it but it should make you stop and think.

If half your products are selling below average, are they worth promoting? There are reasons you might want to, but do you know what those reasons are? Have you checked the data to confirm?

What if you stopped selling and promoting these weaker selling product and focused on the top half of your products instead?

Definitely something to think about.

For one reason why you might consider keeping around these below-average products: some products end up creating better customers who spend more over their lifetime, even on other products. That's what the First Product Analysis report in Repeat Customer Insights can help you check for.

Eric Davis

Learn what your customers are actually doing instead of just guessing

One of the best ways to build a sustainable business starts by getting your customers to come back. Mastering that simple process can be difficult, but builds a lifelong business.
Repeat Customer Insights can help you understand your customer's behavior. With its collection of behavior reports, you can see what they're actually doing instead of guessing and having your efforts fall flat.

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