Plan your holiday marketing in summer

With summer drawing to a close and school starting again, I've been trying to finish up my major projects.

That ranges from adding email subscriptions into Repeat Customer Insights, to getting the garden ready for fall/winter, to digging through all of my books and notes I've collected over the years.

(The notes are particularly interesting. Reading through them with fresh eyes I've noticed a lot of new ideas both for my Shopify tips and my app itself)

Even though it's still months away, the holiday season has a tendency to sneak up on your projects. What seemed like plenty of time in lazy summers turns into crunch-mode come October.

Since many holiday campaigns are identical from year-to-year, start now and analyze what worked for you last year. Take the next couple of months to then put it back together, polish the important bits, and get it ready early. It might be new copy, swapping out products, or even just a simple re-read and update to the dates.

But do it now and get it off your plate before it gets too stressful.

As Shopify's reported, September is when most of their $10M+ stores start to plan for the holidays but about a third start before September.

Eric Davis

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