How Repeat Customer Insights creates 30+ segments automatically in Shopify

A Repeat Customer Insights customer was asking about how the automatic segmenting works:

How does Repeat Customer Insights Define its types, like a "Whale"?

The segments are defined based on the 2 of the RFM scores.

If you look at the Customer Grid you can see how two scores intersect and define a segment.

Each customer has 3-4 segments based on the different intersections of the three RFM scores:

For example, customers with a Recency 4 + Frequency 1 are segmented into Promising New as part of the RF segment.

If you then click on that segment name, you'll see details about that segment as well as advice on how to market to them.

Would you like to have your customers automatically segmented into easy to understand groups?

That's what the Customer Grid and Customer Analysis parts of Repeat Customer Insights does, and it does that without having to write any code or queries.

Eric Davis

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