How the First Product Analysis report shows customer behavior

Recently a Repeat Customer Insights customer was asking about the First Product Analysis worked.

You can think of the First Product Analysis as segmenting customers based on which product(s) they had in their first order. It tracks their later behavior and summarizes it in their metrics (LTV, RPR, etc).

For example, if Susan and Tommy both have ProductA in their first order, they'd be included in ProductA's part of the report and have their lifetime metrics reported (e.g. sum of all their purchases in the LTV column, etc).

If Tammy bought ProductB in their first order, they'll have their data in ProductB's row.

Contrasting it to a product sales report is useful. A product sales report show how many units of a product has sold and how much its earned.

The First Product Analysis on the other hand, shows how a product influences customer behavior even as they buy other products later on.

A product sales report shows which products sell the best. First Product Analysis shows which products create the best customers.

(Both reports are useful, just for different reasons).

If you'd like to see how your products are influencing your customers behavior, start by installing Repeat Customer Insights and then take a look at the First Product Analysis report.

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