Keeping Shopify customers interested in between buying cycles

Many products exhibit buying cycles.

The annual smartphone upgrade.

The winter wardrobe refresh.

A Repeat Customer Insights customer emailed me about this:

So how do I keep the interest of my existing customers with such a long sales life in between?

To keep the interest of customers and potential customers over the long-term, I'd strongly recommend content and email marketing.

Share useful tips, stories, and guides on your blog and social media and send emails when you post them. Or do what I do and send the email first and then post the content later on.

Make sure you're giving value or educating customers in each one.

This is a long-term strategy but it has worked in countless markets and industries.

If you don't know your customer's buying cycles or don't know where to start, Repeat Customer Insights can show you how to time them.

Using the Customer Purchase Latency report you'll be able to see how long it is between orders (that's the latency).

Have a 30 day latency? Then there's a gap of 30 days in-between orders that you'll want to fill with your content and emails.

Best of all, this analysis is based on the actual behavior of your customers and is uniquely yours. Not a vague recommendation of "email every week on a Tuesday".

Eric Davis

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