Make sure you're not losing new customers in your email marketing

Quick tip today: go into your email marketing system and double-check that you're getting new customers subscribed.

Ideally they'll get on your New Customer Welcome Campaign, but if you don't have one just check that they are getting on whatever email list you regularly send to.

Awhile back my email marketing system stopped adding subscribers to my list. They'd accept the opt-in and do the double confirmation, but they'd never add the subscriber anywhere. I ended up with a large number of these unassigned subscribers and had to figure out how to re-add them and get them activated (which ended up causing unsubscribes).

You can prevent that by double checking that new subscribers and customers are flowing into your list correctly. It's probably worth doing regularly too.

I'll have more about New Customer Welcome Campaigns soon along with an update to Repeat Customer Insights that adds intelligence around them. Those campaigns are one of the most valuable if you care about getting repeat customers.

Eric Davis

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