Make every Friday your Black Friday

Black Friday, the magical day when you start producing a profit (in theory).

But why wait until the 11th month? What if every Friday was Black Friday?

Black Friday is so successful because you finally getting buyers into the store. Not just lookie-loos who are just browsing. Actual buyers. With money in hand and a list of things to buy.

Most other months out of the year you'd be doing very well to be making a single sale out of a group of 25 people. That should be enough to keep your business afloat.

But mobs of customers who show up ready to buy? That's what makes business fun.

Making every Friday your Black Friday is possible too. Instead of waiting for one day each year to make a bundle, how about 52?

All you need is to have more of your visitors be actual buyers.

An easy way to do that: build a list of repeat customers who you have the permission to email every week.

Find out who your best repeat customers are with Repeat Customer Insights.

Happy Black Fridays (and Black Monday, Black Tuesday...),

Eric Davis

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