Build a marketing buffer to give yourself space this season

This week I've been filling up my writing Vault.

My Vault is a collection of articles that I've pre-written that can be sent any day I'm busy, rushed, or out of it. Normally every article is written the day before so the Vault serves as a savings account or a buffer. We all have off-days and not being able to write shouldn't break the publishing streak.

With Black Friday and the holidays coming up, building your own buffer of marketing can payoff quickly. That buffer can help avoid the "it's 11pm and I have an email going out in the morning". Even a tiny buffer of one or two items can ease the pressure.

Take the time this next week and get a few things set aside for your buffer.

It could be emails.

It could be articles.

It could be social posts.

Whatever you use for your marketing, just create a few extras. Worst case you don't need them and can use them later on.

Later this month you're going to start seeing holiday customers showing up in your store. You'll want to use Repeat Customer Insights to create cohorts for them to see their behavior changes over time.

Where they good customers? Bad? High-spenders? The only way to know is to track their behavior over the long-term.

Eric Davis

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