Marketing optimizations and patience

I've been tweaking a few things to improve my email marketing and opt-ins.

That includes trying different formats of opt-in forms and how they are displayed.

The first test had about half the opt-ins of the control (statistically significant) but the second test I'm running is now showing 50% higher than the control. It still needs time before I'll know for sure but it's a promising start.

Most marketing optimizations require trying something and then waiting for results to come in. Sometimes you can use A/B testing or cohort analysis to prove the results, but they still take time to collect enough data.

You can rush them or assume that somethings improved but you never know if the results are legitimate without waiting long enough.

That "waiting for results" is the hardest part too. Lots of businesses just want an answer, so they don't wait for the results.

If I did that with this series of tests, then I would have kept my first test and lost half of my opt-ins.

It's difficult to wait, but that can be the difference between success and failure.

If you're wanting a Cohort analysis that can go back to the very first month of your store's history, Repeat Customer Insights has one. It'll analyze your customer's ordering behavior and extract out various metrics and insights to help you figure out what's working and what failed.

Eric Davis

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