New old normals

While the current pandemic and strife has changed the business landscape quite a bit, a lot of the "new normals" that pop up have been around forever.

People want to feel safe.

Customers buy according to their values.

Customers don't like being tricked or lied to.

Splitting people into opposing groups causes tension and then conflict.


These values have come to forefront recently but it's not like they are new concepts. They've existed for centuries, some wired deep into how we think and act.

When you look at what happened over the past year or so and consider throwing parts of your business away, take a minute and really look at what you're getting rid of.

Some things are old and outdated.

But other parts like personalized experiences, incentives, and conversion optimization are still solid, fundamental strategies. They might have taken a hit and performed poorly last year but that's also a year where just keeping your head above water is worth celebrating.

Take the time to think about what your customer actually wants. Build your store around that.

I don't only mean what products they want (even though product analysis is really smart to do).

I mean everything else they want. Education about a topic? Shipping reassurances? Protection for their credit card number? Confidence you'll be around to serve if they have a problem?

Many of these matter to your customers and their values, even if they can't articulate or explain the deeper need (e.g. need for safety, need for identity).

Eric Davis

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