New week, new month, new quarter

Happy Monday, new month, and new quarter.

With the year half passed, now is a good time to review your metrics to see how things are going.

It's always a good idea to do this regularly. Many times you might think things are doing poorly when in fact they are going well (or the opposite).

That's why I love how Repeat Customer Insights can automatically email reports now. Just by reading an email you can see how the year, quarter, month, or week is shaping up.

June's metrics will be emailed out on the 5th so you still have time to signup and subscribe.

Or you can crunch the numbers by hand.

Eric Davis

Measure your customer loyalty

If you'd like to have your customers analyzed, segmented, and then explore specific advice on how to build their loyalty, Repeat Customer Insights can do all of that for you.

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