Noticing changes in behavior over time

We started going for a daily walk around noon.

It's only been a few weeks now but it's a nice change of pace and something to look forward-to each morning.

The past week I've been switching away from heavy winter clothing to lighter clothing. Almost sandal weather again, but alas... not quite yet.

The walk has been nice daily reminder that as the environment changes, behavior changes.

Your customer behavior will go through regular changes too. As their world changes (on the largest scale) all the way down to how you market to them, they'll have shifts in behavior. Some changes will disrupt regular buying behavior while others will reinforce their behavior.

If you have customers broken out into cohorts, it's a good use of time to review them regularly. You want to compare how recent customers behave when compared to the cohorts of customers acquired 12 and 24 months ago.

If you need help creating cohorts of your customers, Repeat Customer Insights can do that for you as part of its automated analysis.

Eric Davis

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