Only 9 weeks left in 2021 for marketing

Last week I was going through the list of books I want to read to figure out what I'd like to finish up this year.

I noticed there were only 10 weeks left which means I can finish 5-20 books (depending on size, etc).

That thought got lodged in my head until yesterday. I was reading an article about how valuable email marketing is and how it can greatly influence customer buying behavior. Even months later.

With only 9 weeks left in 2021 now, that's only 9 emails if you email weekly. Only 9 opportunities to connect with customers and ask for a purchase.

If you usually email more frequently, you're a bit better off and have more opportunities.

But if weekly emails (or less frequent) are your thing, jumping into a more aggressive plan for the holidays might shock subscribers too much. It would be best to start increasing your frequency now. The start of November gives you a good excuse.

Even going to two emails per week gives you a lot more touches (double). This is why bigger brands do daily or multiple emails per day. Lots of touches, lots of orders.

You just have to have the content or ability to write it. A bank of emails can help with that, which is why I always have a few set aside and why I recommend that to everyone.

Repeat Customer Insights will analyze a ton of customer behavior data for you, chiefly around their buying cycles.

If you knew exactly when the majority of your customers were ready to buy again, you can really increase your orders just by tweaking your timing of your offers. Something that is simple to do with email marketing.

Eric Davis

When are your best customers defecting?

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