Calculate the percentage of customers who ordered again using a cohort report

Sometimes you'll be testing a new idea in your Shopify store and you want to check if it caused customers to order again.

This sort of analysis is great for measuring how new customers respond to a New Customer Welcome campaign or any other retention tactic. By looking at a month-based cohort, you can improve the confidence in the results than looking at a regular cross-business report.

With the Cohort reports in Repeat Customer Insights, this is easy.

  1. Enable the "Show percentage of cohort customers" and "Include previous months" options
  2. Find the cohort where you made the offer. Let's say 2022-01.
  3. Ignore the first column (Total), that'll always be 100%.
  4. Look at the percentages to see how many unique customers have ordered again at that point in time. The very last month will represent the current month which is the running total.

For example, lets say it shows 65% in that last column. That means of the customers who first ordered in 2022-01, 65% have ordered at least one more time since then.

You can also use this to see performance at specific months. e.g. Month 3, aka April 2022's column might tell you only 40% of that cohort of customers have reordered.

Cohort reports can be very powerful once you understand how to read and use them. They can work even better if you match up your marketing changes with their months.

Eric Davis

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