Prepare your marketing winners and experiments

With a little over two weeks left before the holiday season starts, it's time to get all of your promotions wrapped up and tested.

Hopefully you're using your successful ones from prior years and experimenting with a handful of new ones.

This is also a good time to use customer segmenting and personalized offers. If you've used a tool like Repeat Customer Insights to segment your customers, you can have your emailing system send specific campaigns and incentives to different segments. With the RFM-based segments, as customers buy into the holidays they'll automatically move into different segments.

If you haven't do that yet, there's still time to dip your toe into the segmenting waters. Install the app to get the analysis going, enable Shopify tags, and then load those tags into your email system of choice with a campaign. I'd recommend starting with your VIP and Loyal customers, they are most likely to respond well to incentives.

Eric Davis

Measure your customer loyalty

Measure the different levels of customer loyalty with Repeat Customer Insights. It uses various models to segment and grade your customers based on their behavior.

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