For the quickest payoff, focus on the 1st-to-2nd Customer Purchase Latency

When dealing with metrics, it can take awhile to see any payback from your work. You'd make a change, wait. Wait some more. Notice a change, oh but no that's just an anomaly. Keep waiting... It takes a long time.

Especially with long-term metrics like the Average Customer Purchase Latency which take months to see any significant shift.

There is a way to shorten that cycle though.

It's a bit harder to calculate but if you calculate your latency for only your 1st-to-2nd orders, you'd know how long it takes for new customers to order again.

Plug that into your New Customer Welcome Campaign and now you have a highly target audience of people getting those messages.

Since the vast majority of customers to a Shopify store are one-time customers and since they represent the largest drop-off in terms of repeat purchases, this campaign would be a high volume. Meaning lots of chances to iterate, optimize, and build towards profitability.

This fast cycle time would let you measure improvements in the overall Average Customer Purchase Latency much sooner and they'd be showing up as revenue (always a great thing when optimizing).

Repeat Customer Insights uses order sequencing to calculate this version of Customer Purchase Latency as well as all of the other stages. There's even a specific report in the app all around getting those one-time customers to buy again.

Eric Davis

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