Quitting keeps you flexible

Last week I was working on a big new feature for Repeat Customer Insights but on Thursday I found that it wouldn't actually work out.

The sheer amount of processing it would need for my customers would require charging 10x my prices to even consider it.

It sucks when plans don't work out, especially after a lot of resources have been invested. It's better to stop now than to progress further and pull the plug later on.

The problem now is I've had to scramble to find what to build instead. Right now is my prime time for software development so I want to make sure I get as much done as I can. Luckily I've kept a list of features to research so I can just go back to that list.

Sometimes plans will go astray, products will fall flat, or a deal you were working on will fall-through. It makes sense to try as hard as you can to rescue it but at some point it usually becomes clear that it'll never work out.

Being able to move on past that and getting to the next thing quickly is important flexibility. It can help you keep competitors at bay and adapt to how rapidly everything changes these days.

Well, time to crack up the code and get started on the next thing.

Eric Davis

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