Riding the peak of 2020 into 2021

Today marks the winter solstice for half the world.

It means many things for different people, including feasts and religious ceremonies.

For me, it marks the turning point of winter after which the garden will start back up. Until now plant growth has been slow and mostly just stayin' alive (stayin' alive...), but the additional light will start forward momentum again.

That's all part of the seasonal cycle.

For ecommerce, the cycle is near its apex right now with the various winter holidays.

Come January things will slow down and your store could start its slow growth period.

That's also the critical time to build relationships with the new customers you've acquired over the holiday.

Most won't come back but every relationship you can build into a repeat customer now will pay you back multiples of your investment over the coming years.

First you need to identify the new customers, which Repeat Customer Insights can do for you.

Then you need to reach them effectively. Email marketing is going to be the top choice for most stores, though you might have a better channel that you found.

Third you need a message. A discount or sale is what a lot of stores reach for but it's probably way too soon to push for that. Try to get some replies, start discussions, or even share some of your best content.

Starting these touch points early will help keep the customer around and eventually contribute to your growth.

Eric Davis

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