Work on big projects during your slow seasons

Knowing if your Shopify store follows seasonal cycles can also help you schedule big projects.

Most people wouldn't try to do a major project like a redesign in the middle of a busy winter season, that's initiative. The other side of that though can be forgotten, that's scheduling major projects in off-seasons.

Many stores see a slowdown in summer (June, July, August) and late winter (January, February). Those are great times to work on larger projects. You'll have less orders needing to be processed so staff will be more available. You'll risk less if there's a mistake (e.g. broken cart). And on and on.

With June here it's now an ideal time for most stores to be starting those projects. Good candidates for these include:

One caveat though, you might not be on the same seasonal cycle as "typical" stores. Your best option is to look at the number customers who order in each month in Repeat Customer Insights Cohort reports and look for the lower months in the year.

Eric Davis

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