Selling products like an obnoxious real estate agent

This last weekend we went looking at a few open houses.

Not because we're interested in buying but because we wanted to see the different architectures and remodels people have done. (Many homes in this area are from the 1920s)

We barely walked into the last one before the agent launched into their pitch.

They bombarded us with information on how great of a deal this house was (it wasn't), how unique it is (there are 3 exact duplicates next door), and other trivia. Two minutes into it I was ready to take the feedback form they pushed on us and write "Shut up" on it.

The biggest problem was that they'd ask a question but not listen to our answer before trying to sell some other thing. That meant their pitches fell flat and never got close to any objections we had.

Basic sales 101 stuff.

Your Shopify store might be behaving the same way and turning customers away.

Do you have half-a-dozen popups all offering things the customer isn't ready for or doesn't care about? Or do you have one popup with an offer you know works?

Is every email you send another deal on a product? Or are you showing what their life will look like after they have the product?

Is your sales copy all hyperbole and exaggerations about how awesome you are? Or does it speak to the customer and what they want/need/desire?

Aggressive and pushy sales tactics might work in the short-term but you're not going to be building a solid, repeat customer base. Customers will be walking out of your store as fast as they walk in.

You can take a better approach once you understand your customers better. Oftentimes that's lighter on the sales message and more about how your products make the customer better.

Repeat Customer Insights can help you understand your customer's behavior by measuring what they are actually doing. Are you losing a bunch after the first order or do they came back as rabid fans? Its behavior reports will let you know.

Eric Davis

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