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With winter finally here, I've been getting the garden cleaned up.

The lettuce couldn't take the cold so I removed the cover and cleared out that bed.

The trellises I used last year were beat up by our tomato monsters so I'm rebuilding them (New and Improved, with more Steel).

Quite a few of our "summer" flowers lasted through December before getting killed off from the freeze.

A few project-based tasks.

A few maintenance tasks.

Nothing really major, but it'll make this next year much easier to get started.

January is like that for a lot of ecommerce stores. Sales and orders are down from the holidays but there's still plenty to be done.

Returns and exchanges to process.

Inventory to count and restock.

And a much needed rest for you and other employees.

This is also a critical time for the new customers you acquired during the holidays.

They probably aren't ready for another purchase yet, but some might be close. Beginning to contact them with a New Customer Welcome system is vital if you want to convert some of them into returning customers. Otherwise they could go to your competitors next time.

Using the Average Latency metric in Repeat Customer Insights you can learn when to be contacting them for the next order. This metric shows how long customers take between orders on average. You'll want to start your marketing well ahead of that time so there's enough time to build up for a harder sales message by the end.

Half the time is a good rule-of-thumb. e.g. Average Latency of 22 means start marketing 11 days after an order at least, with harder messages by the 22nd day.

Eric Davis

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