Start smaller projects instead

We were planning to finish our basement this winter and spring. It's a significant space in our house and would be a great office for me.

But there are only a limited number of contractors accepting projects and the prices are high right now. Too high to make it worth the investment.

So we decided to clean up the basement ourselves and try to make it more comfortable. Not as good as a fully finished space, but good enough to enjoy and get value out from it until things settle down.

This year's been another odd year so far for a lot of businesses. For some progress finally started to move forward and then stalled out. When that happens, big projects get put on hold or cancelled.

But what if you did a smaller project instead? Some stopgap project that still gets you some value.

Say start a remarketing campaign instead of a complete advertising push.

Or a Website Rescue to optimize your current store instead of a full redesign.

Or look at where you're losing customers with Repeat Customer Insights and optimize those campaigns instead of building marketing automation from scratch.

Some results from smaller projects could even be reused later on once your store has recovered. But until then, these smaller projects could be the boost you need to get through the year.

Plus you're more likely to get a small project done before the holiday busy season.

Eric Davis

Discover where your best customers come from

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