Step-by-step, day-by-day

With summer over and the kiddo back in school, I've finally started to get back into my regular routine.

Much of my business has been built on routines. They are one of my Secret Weapons Of Success (TM) (C) (R).

Much of that is intentional. My marketing channels, processes, and development all revolve around making many tiny improvements over time.

Write another article.

Tweak a few lines of code.

Optimize one page title.

Ask for one more review.

By themselves, they don't do much but compound them 100s of times over the course of a year and things start building.

There are dozens of things you can do for your Shopify store to improve it every day. Last year I wrote about a few one-off ones and they were so well received that I'm going to try writing about more.

But anything will work better if it's part of a routine that you do every day (or every few days).

Take a bit of time today and see if there's something that you want to work on that could be beneficial to do regularly. Writing, coding, and emailing work well for me but yours could be anything.

One really easy thing is to contact your best customers and see how you can help them.

Not as a pitch. Not as a massively complex marketing automation machine.

Just a single, personal email or phone call.

If you don't know which customers to contact, Repeat Customer Insights can help you find them using it's automatic segmenting.

Make it a thing to contact one every day.

Eric Davis

Segment your customers automatically with RFM

Segmenting your customers has always been touted as a powerful marketing tool but many stores avoid it because it can be time-consuming.
Repeat Customer Insights will automatically segment your entire customer base for you based on the valuable data Shopify has already collected for you. Ranging from 5 to 30 to over 125+ different segments using RFM and other models, you can pick how much power you want to harness.

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