Surviving the relatives

When analyzing your customers, it's important to compare how they perform relative to the other customers.

If you have a customer who has spent $1,000 in their lifetime, would you consider them a good customer?

It's hard to answer that.

$1,000 sounds like a lot.

But if your average order is $800, that's not even two orders so they aren't great.

It's a different story if your average order is $50 or $20,000.

The RFM algorithm in Repeat Customer Insights helps to do these relative comparisons. It doesn't care what your actual numbers are, only how they compare to the others.

$1, $100, or $1,000 orders don't matter to it.

1/100, 1/10, or 5x of your average order amounts are what matters.

That's how Repeat Customer Insights can work well for large Shopify Plus stores as well as smaller, side businesses. The algorithm self-adjusts automatically for you.

If you haven't installed yet, it might be worth a look. It comes with a free trial and I bet you'll learn something new about your customers after installing.

Eric Davis

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