The copywriting superpower

You're told to constantly learn and pick up new skills.

Some skills are useful but require a huge amount of time to learn and keep up-to-date. SEO for example.

Then there are some skills that stay relevant for years. Some even decades.

One of those long-lasting skills is copywriting, also described as the ability to write persuasively.

While the techniques and trends in copywriting change, for the most part it changes as fast as human psychology (very, very slow).

I've read copywriting books that are almost a century old now and while the language feels different, the techniques are exactly what you might find on a blog post yesterday.

I'm not recommending that you drop everything and study to become a master copywriter.

I am recommending that you consider investing some time into learning copywriting. It'll last longer than many other business skills and since words are still so heavily used in online sales, you can benefit from it sooner than later.

Copywriting is a superpower at mere mortals can learn. No radioactive spiders necessary.

Once you pick up copywriting, you can start to apply it to your marketing campaigns.

Creating campaigns around finding and marketing to your best customers is always a sure bet.

With Repeat Customer Insights, it's easy to identify which customers are ready for your marketing.

Eric Davis

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