The failure of using too large of a group

My daughter's school called a snow day so classes started two hours late.

At her school there was no snow and barely a smattering of ice.

But the school district is large enough that it covers a wide area including hills 500 feet above sea level.

Right where the snow dropped down to.

So while her school was no where near the snow, schools higher up were getting snow and the district called in the late start.

No big deal for us as we just broke out the board games for a couple of hours.

But this is an example of what happens when your group is too large and unsegmented. An event or behavior in one area can cause an overreaction in unrelated areas.

This happens all the time when you send the same message to all of your customers, potential customers, and everyone else. Your message only impacts a tiny subset and everyone else ignores it.

If you used Repeat Customer Insights you could better target these various groups of people. That way you'd only "call a snow day" where it was actually snowing.

It includes a few different segmenting options so smaller stores can use one (Grade) while the massive stores can use another (RFM).

End result: better targeted marketing campaigns. More sales, more profit, etc, etc.

Eric Davis

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