Three areas to focus on for strong repeat customers

One problem with analytics systems like Repeat Customer Insights is knowing where to focus.

The systems can assemble a lot of data, convert it into information, and present it in numbers, charts, or graphs. But going from there to actual business decisions and changes is the gap.

In the app I try to add as much advice as I can around the various reports but it can still be difficult to know where to go first.

When looking at repeat customers, there are a handful of areas to focus on to start:

Asking those three questions will go a long way toward using repeat customer analytics successfully. Each question has deep depths but once you start looking, you'll be able to find your way around better.

To simplify solving these questions, I've added Focus reports to Repeat Customer Insights. One for analyzing loyal customers and one for new customers who could turn loyal.

(I also added a third to help Shopify stores having trouble in a down economy)

Understand how your store's customers are behaving and then finding ways to improve can become easier.

Eric Davis

Get a snapshot of your customer behavior

The sooner you signup for Repeat Customer Insights, the more comparison points your store will have. Each 1st of a the month a new snapshot is taken and saved to your account for analysis.

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