To joke, or not to joke, that is the question

No April Fools Day jokes from me this year.

I got burned out on bad April Fools Day jokes years ago. I can still appreciate a good one but the amount of effort to setup a really great one is too expensive.

I'd rather mess with people the other 364 days out of the year when they least suspect it.

But depending on your customers and audience, they might appreciate a good joke or two today.

Just remember to be laughing with them or laughing at yourself, don't be laughing at them.

Learning more about your customers' humor and behavior is a worthwhile investment.

If you can predict how they'll respond, you can better adapt your marketing and messaging to reach them at the perfect time.

Repeat Customer Insights can help you look at their buying behavior and understand when they buy (and buy again).

Eric Davis

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Market to your customer's timing

Figure out how long customers wait in-between purchases and you have a key component for your marketing timing. This is the basis of the Average Latency metric and Order Sequence Report in Repeat Customer Insights.

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