Uncovering your potential best customers

Finding which sets of customers to target with your marketing messages is important.

A customer of Repeat Customer Insights was asking about how to find their potential best customers and if possible, ones who've ordered during a specific time.

Today, we are trying to identify now who are our potential future best customers based on the last 6 months. We think that our customers lost more than 1 year ago are hard to reengage.

For your future best customers the Customer Grid is the best analysis. It combines two of the RFM metrics which gives a strong picture of the customers behavior.

I'd say focusing on these segments will be the biggest payoff. They are all in the Recency-Frequency (RF) Grid.

The Potential loyal segment is the most valuable one because those customers are showing signs of being or becoming repeat customers. Dripping the right messages to them could secure some reorders.

If you want to do a deeper analysis, use the Customer Export to get the CSV data of the analyzed customers.

The Customer Grid segments are in there and you can also use Excel to filter out anyone with a "Recent order at" that's between 1 year and 6 months ago. "Recent order at" is their last order date and is updated automatically as they reorder.

But you might not need to get that finely sliced of a segment. It all depends on how many customers you have and how many are in each segment.

If you haven't installed Repeat Customer Insights yet, it's an easy way to get a detailed look at your customer behavior including these RFM and Customer Grids.

Eric Davis

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