Using the Repeat Customer Insights export data

Working with your Repeat Customer Insights export inside of Excel or Google Sheets is easy because all of the segmentation data is included.

Getting your data export

You can use the Export section in the main section of the app to export your analyzed customer data and the reports. It's also linked to from the main menu.

Notes on the data.

Customer lists

There are multiple customers lists included in the export.

Each file has the same format as the main customer-list.csv. They are provided to make it easy to grab a specific segment without having to use Excel to filter them yourself.

Customer Purchase Latency report

There can be multiple exports for your Customer Purchase Latency report, one per period enabled on your account.

Customer Cohort report

There are a few exports from the Customer Cohort report:

  1. the number of customers in each cohort and month,
  2. the percentage of customers in each cohort who bought per month,
  3. the cumulative number of customers in each cohort,
  4. the cumulative percentage of customers in each cohort.

They'll look similar to the actual reports in the app.

Just contact me if you have any other questions on the data.

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