What to check first if your Shopify store sales have dried up

I've been hearing rumors of many Shopify store and ecommerce stores in general starting to see sales dry up.

It could be due to COVID changes, economic stagnation, or any number of other factors that impact buying behavior.

Checking your sales and order counts is one way to see if you're impacted but they might not tell the whole story. It's easy to behavior changes to hide in summary metrics and those will just tell you revenue and orders are down.

A better option is to look at your customers in cohorts (groups). Then you can see how this month's new customers compare to last month's (or even last year's) new customers. You can also see how previous customers are buying (or not buying).

That alone can tell you if the problem is with new customers and acquisition, or repeat customer loyalty, or something else entirely.

There's a whole bunch more you can learn from a cohort report, especially with the various versions that are included in Repeat Customer Insights.

Being able to divide up the problem will make it easier to find the root causes and fix them.

Eric Davis

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