When you wish upon a list

One feature that regular customers use more than one-off customers is a wishlist.

Your browsing shoppers might just use a tab or two to keep track of which products they want to buy. Most will end up leaving or buying in that session though.

For your regular and repeat customers though, there are a lot of ways they might use a wishlist:

In a garden seed Shopify store I buy from, I use their wishlist as a way to collect ideas on which plants I might want to grow next year.

In a gaming Woo Commerce store I save products until I get to a large enough order to qualify for a discount or free shipping.

In the Nintendo store I use the wishlist to track when products go on sale.

Each of those stores I've made half a dozen purchases or more. I'll continue to buy from them because they made it easy for me to think about my next purchase.

Wishlists can be a set and forget way to move customers up and to the right of the RF loyalty grid in Repeat Customer Insights.

With Shopify you'd need an app for wishlists and I don't have any recommendations about which one to use. Whatever one you choose, make sure it's easy for your customer to add and manage items in it.

Eric Davis

P.S. Make sure to tell your customers about the wishlist too and explain how it works. Even a single email in your new customer welcome campaign could prove to be profitable.

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